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Book recommendations from New Life’s pastoral team

December 28, 2009 3 comments

Reading is a rich form of discipleship. Reading a book means getting the author’s distilled best thoughts and ideas. But choosing good books–like choosing good mentors–can be challenging. To help you choose good books, I’ve compiled a list from our New Life pastoral team.

Here are some of the books we’ve read and recommend from this past year:

Personal/spiritual growth:

  • The Great Omission by Dallas Willard (insightful book on spiritual formation and discipleship)
  • The Flip Side by Flip Flippen (identifies personal constraints and how to establish a plan to overcome them. Great for personal growth)
  • Secrets to Spiritual Power by Watchman Nee (full of spiritual insights and practical pastoral concepts. best to read as a devotional supplement.)
  • A Contrarian’s Guide to Spirituality by Larry Osborne
  • A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller (such a valuable enjoyable read, powerful on story and life-vision, a book to hang ideas on, recommended by several pastors)
  • His Needs, Her Needs by Willard Harley  (A classic. Written in 1986 but updated a couple of times. Great practical insights into the differing needs of men and women as it relates to marriage.)
  • Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung (great book on discerning the will of God and making decisions, strong theology written with great humor and practicality)
  • The Coffeehouse Gospel by Matthew Turner (sharing faith in a relaxed, engaging way.)
  • Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Mission/church history/theology:


Church leadership:

  • Church Unique by Will Mancini (great for vision, strategy, and clarity of mission)
  • Beyond Megachurch Myths by Thumma & Travis  (describes common characteristics of churches that have over 2000 in attendance. Debunks some of the myths about these churches.)
  • Reclaiming our Prodigal Sons & Daughters by Larson & Bendtro (a moving book about the lives of urban youth)
  • Deep Church by James Belcher (book of the year on several lists, insight on being a life-giving, historically rooted church.  mediates the emerging/traditional church conversation well)
  • Heralds of God by James S. Stewart (timeless, spiritually rich book on preaching)
  • Sticky Church by Larry Osborne (useful for honing church follow up & small group systems. recommended by multiple pastors.)