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“follow me and I will make [me] fishers of…” cash?

December 2, 2009 1 comment

“Follow me.”

If I were to play word association, you would probably identify the speaker as Jesus. Its one of the most recognizable New Testament phrases. And maybe that’s why it makes a such provocative statement on the cover of a business magazine.

…but with one simple change–the actual speaker is none other than the creative genius behind Punk’d:  Mr. Ashton Kutcher. If you take the time to read the article you will discover that Kutcher, though defined primarily by his adolescent behavior & characters, is in this article a man with a very adult focus on what he wants: cold hard cash.

For him the massive social network he’s created is not to provide an altruistic peek into his celebrity lifestyle–its an opportunity to market products to his very loyal following.  “Its really a war to make money,” says Kutcher.

So to complete the biblical reference for Kutcher, “follow me… and I will make myself much more wealthy.”

The original quote finishes quite differently, doesn’t it?  “Follow me… and I will make you fishers of men.”

And so Fast Company’s magazine cover inadvertently provides one of the more valuable contrasts between the life of a disciple of the American Dream and the life of a disciple of Jesus.